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Dragon Naturally Speaking Tutorial : How to Format Columns in Microsoft Excel

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial, I show how to format a column in Microsoft Excel using speech recognition.

While working with Microsoft Excel, you may be required to format a column, for example, if the column contains a specific type of data such as dates or a dollar amount. To achieve this using Dragon Naturally Speaking, first bring up the format column dialogue box using the command "Format Column". Now you can navigate and choose any particular options using different Dragon Naturally Speaking commands.

The most convenient way to navigate is to simply say the name of the option. For example, you can simply say "Currency" to select the currency option. There is one particular case in which this may not work. In Microsoft Excel, the option "Number" is located within the tab also called as "Number". Dragon Naturally Speaking will then just go to the tab but will not navigate to the option because it has no way of determining wheth…