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My experience with ketamine infusions for chronic pain

I recently underwent ketamine infusion for chronic pain. I thought I would share my experience for those who are considering this procedure to manage their symptoms of chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

There is plenty of information about ketamine infusions on the web. For those who are new to this, here is a link that may be beneficial.

Personally, I was motivated by this blog post. Unfortunately, the ketamine infusion did not help me but at the same time, I must state that I did only to sessions and the doctor discontinued because he thought that it would not help. I'm still hopeful that may be it may help if the doctor agrees to continue the entire course of 4 to 6 sessions.

The infusions were done for me as an outpatient procedure. This meant that every day I had to be at the hospital at 9 AM to complete the paperwork and all formalities. The breakfast had to be light. The procedure actually started around 10 AM and lasted for about 4 hours. After that, there was one hour of res…

Travelling outside your city in India and need to suspend Internet and TV services?

If you're travelling outside your city within India and are a customer of airtel, you can ask them to put your account in what is called as "safe custody".

This is a value-added service provided by airtel where the customer will be charged a nominal amount for the duration of the "safe custody" period while the services will remain disconnected.

In December 2016, the charges Rs. 500 and the maximum duration is 90 days. After 90 days, you will have to call again in order to re-enable "safe custody".

However, there have been some complaints about it this way the company actually ended up disconnecting the service altogether. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this account.

The cable TV services like Tata and dish TV also provide this facility. Dish TV does not charge anything during the duration of service disconnection.

Service providers like BSNL do not seem to have this kind of a facility.

Frugal Living Hack: How to Make Self Adhesive Electrodes for TENS Unit Last Longer?

If you use TENS or any similar electrotherapy device to manage pain, you may be using self adhesive electrodes.

The adhesive usually wears off after using the electrodes for a few times and then you will have to purchase another set of electrodes. Depending on the manufacturer and your usage pattern, the cost of these electrodes may become more than $ 50 per month.

To make the adhesive last longer, follow these three simple steps:
Purchase an ultrasound gel container. For example, you can buy this at Amazon for about $ 7.Apply a thin layer of gel on the electrode Refrigerate for about half an hour. The electrode will recover its adhesive property. After use, you can keep the electrodes in the refrigerator if you want.

 With this method, I have been able to almost double the life of the electrodes that I use with my TENS unit.