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Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial: improving accuracy of recognition by avoiding similar sounding commands

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial, I describe how to handle situations where Dragon NaturallySpeaking will misinterpret certain commands because there may be commands which may sound similar. For example, with my thick accent, the command "List All Windows" is sometimes misinterpreted as the command "Restore all windows"

One of the obvious solutions is to try to speak clearly. However, at least for me, it is not possible all the time because I tend to forget to take care to slowly and carefully pronounce certain commands while working. And the chronic pain with the resultant problems and cognition does not help :-(.

So another solution is to try looking for alternative commands. For example, with knowbrainer 2017, I can achieve the same result by saying the command "show programs".

Similarly, to go to the address bar in a browser, Dragon NaturallySpeaking requires that the user dictate the keyboard shortcut which is "alt+d". However, the letter "d" often gets interpreted as "t".
Even if I say "delta" which is the military alphabet equivalent of "d", it gets recognised as "alt + tilde".

Under these circumstances, I use the knowbrainer command which is "address bar".

Even if you do not have a knowbrainer command equivalent or at not using knowbrainer, you can consider dictating keyboard shortcuts for commands which are not properly understood by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Of course there will be problems as I've stated above in the recognition of human keyboard shortcuts, but in the end, we must remember that 100 % accuracy is still not possible with the software.


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