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Learn to Do Self Treatment with Trigger Point Therapy using "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook"

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is the #1 book for you to consider buying if you want to get more information on self treatment for myofascial trigger points (common in fibromyalgia patients) than what is available through websites and YouTube videos.

I have found it useful for dealing with the neck pain at home. it was very useful in situations where the muscle would continue to have trigger points even after multiple physical therapy sessions. A regular home treatment several times a day is more effective than going to physical therapy session a few times a week.


I got a basic understanding of the affected area from the physical therapist first, then understood the relevant anatomical features through YouTube videos and then read the book to dive deeper .I would periodically review the understanding with the physical therapist and also reread he book.I would usually get a new insight every time I went through this process.

You do not have to read the book sequentially. After completing the introduction, you can pretty much navigate to the chapter which talks about the muscle group that you are having problems with. It will probably take a few iterations and some patience to fully understand the concepts. The results can be almost miraculous so it is well worth the effort.



There are tools such as Theracane that people usually used to do self massager for difficult to reach areas such as the back. However, I have found body back buddy to be a little better because of less weight that translates into easy portability. Even if you have someone available to massage you, it is usually useful to ask her to use the self massager because it will reduce the amount of pressure that she has to use. I find this arrangement especially useful while treating the lower back and hip areas.


Do not press hard when trying this on yourself initially. Personally, the relief that I get makes me push harder on the trigger points .But after a few hours, I can get pretty sore. It is better to do several short treatments in a day gently than have a one long session. Also use an ice pack immediately after the treatment to reduce the possibility of soreness. I have actually found it useful to do short strokes with ice across the treated area for a minute or two. Of course, you have to be careful in using ice if you suffer from any ailment and that reduces skin sensitivity.


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