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Very useful Ayurvedic remedy to control nausea

Lately I have been having a nausea all day for without any apparent reason. I went to an Ayurvedic doctor and he prescribed the medication Madiphala Rasayana

I took this every 2 hours and it helped me a great deal in reducing the nausea which ultimately went away after 3 days. I have still not found a reason for it and it seems it comes back whenever I try to normalise my food intake.

However, Madiphala Rasayana seems to be a good medication to control nausea without any side effects. This can also be used for example, while dealing with the side effect of any new medication is like antidepressants that will usually have nausea initially.

As mentioned in the web page describing this, the doctor told me that it is usually given for nausea to pregnant ladies and therefore it is quite a safe medication.

As usual, I would like to add a disclaimer that people should consult their own doctor before trying out any medication.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial : Using a mouse with speech recognition on Windows

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial, I demonstrate  the use of mouse with Dragon NaturallySpeaking .
Literature describing how to move the Mouse Up, Down,Right or Left using Dragon Naturally Speaking is easily accessible over the Internet. However, operations like how to move the mouse diagonally are not described clearly.

Additionally, even though Mouse Grid is a command that is commonly used, there is not much information suggesting how that command can be used in combination with the Mouse Move commands quickly move the mouse. Likewise, there is also not much mention of changing the speed of mouse.

I describe all of this  in the YouTube video below. .

I hope you find the video useful. Updates, if any, will be appended to the end of this post.

List of Commands Described in the Video:

To Move the Mouse Vertically Upwards, say "Mouse Move Up"To Move the Mouse Vertically Downwards, say "Mouse Move Down"To Move the Mouse Horizontally to the Right, say "Mous…

Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial: how to quickly take a screenshot of browser

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking Tutorial, I show a quick way to take a screenshot of the browser window.

I often find a need to take screenshot of the browser window and save it for my records, for example, when making a payment to a financial institution.

Until now, I worked with installing an extension into the browser which will take a screenshot. After that, I would somehow position the mouse either using the mouse grid command or by moving the mouse up and down so that I can click on to the extension. So far I could not find an extension which could be activated with the help of a keyboard and therefore I had to use a mouse. This approach did work but it became tedious especially when I knew the usual workflow is to take the screenshot, store it into a file, and then send it in an email to the financial institution as proof of payment. So I was looking for a way to do all of this or at least a part of this if possible in one command.

I recently started using a third-party utili…

Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial: avoid using devices that produce whirring noises for more accurate recognition

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial, I share my experience on improving the accuracy of voice recognition.

Even though I use noise cancelling external soundcard Andrea USB-SA-1 for more accurate voice recognition quality, I realised that it completely fails whenever there is a device that produces a whirring sound, for example, and overhead fan at high speed.

The soundcard is able to cancel out the noise due to a TV or of people talking in the same room but somehow, the whirring noises completely disrupt the recognition. So if you suddenly start getting poor recognition quality or get repeated warnings from Dragon NaturallySpeaking saying that it is getting low quality audio, you may want to check around for devices that may not be producing loud sound but still may interfere much more with their whirring noise.

How to handle stomach problems with Ayurvedic medications

With the numerous medications that I have to take to manage chronic pain, gastric upsets have become very frequent. I have had a sensitive stomach even before the pain started. So over the years, I have found that the following medication have helped me as a first line of treatment. As a disclaimer, I have to add that the reader must consult their own physician before trying out these medications.

Abhyarishtam: most medications make me constipated and this helps me even though it is not a laxative per se. It also improves my digestion. I take 15 to 30 mL of this after food with equal amount of waterMustakrishtam: this also helps in improving  digestionTriphala Guggulu: this is a tablet that I take after every meal. I usually take Triphala powder as a supplement even when I do not have any gastric problem. However, I stop the powder when I start taking these medication Apart from this, I roast cumin seeds on a flat pan and then add it to water along with little bit of lemon and black s…

Sony SBH 20 review - useful Bluetooth headset hands free device to avoid flaring up RSI

Due to the chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, it has been difficult for me to hold the mobile phone. I'd tried different Bluetooth headsets including the ones that worn in the ear like the Jabra BT2046. However, perhaps due to the distance between the mouth and the microphone of the headset, the person on the other line frequently complained of the environmental noise. The headset with the boom mike like Jabra Motion were very expensive.

I also tried wired headsets but they would break frequently because the wires would entangle when I kept them along with the phone in the pocket.
Finally, I found the Sony Bluetooth headset SBH20 that I have been using for over a year now. The good thing about it is that it can be clipped on to the T-shirt / shirt near the mouth so it does not pick up environmental noise. Initially, I used to frequently clip and unclip it depending on the phone usage. The clip came off after several months but fortunately, I was able to re-stick it using Fev…

Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain: Must Read Book to Treat Your Pelvic Pain

"A Headache in the Pelvis" is a book that advocates physical therapy and paradoxical relaxation for the treatment of chronic pelvic pain.

What is Chronic Pelvic Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Chronic pelvic pain is pain in the area below your bellybutton and between your hips that lasts six months or longer."
Thus, chronic pain in the lower abdomengenitals and/or rectum is considered as a part of chronic pelvic pain. Common conditions that can cause chronic pelvic pain in females include endometriosisfibroids, irritable bowel syndromeinterstitial cystitis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. In men, conditions that can cause chronic pelvic pain include interstitial cystitis and chronic prostatitis.

And just in case, you like jargon - here are more medical terms that are associated with chronic pelvic pain - pudendal neuralgia, prostatodynia, orchilgia, vulvodynia , levator ani syndrome and Uretheral syndrome.
Treatment for Chronic Pelvic Pain In conv…

Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial: how to move from filename field to the list of files pane in a Windows dialog box

In this Dragon NaturallySpeaking tutorial, I describe how to shift focus to various fields within Windows file dialogue box.

Whenever you are opening or closing a file for example, opening a document in Microsoft Word, Windows will bring up an open file dialog box. The initial focus is in the file name field. Here, you can enter the name of the file but what if you do not remember the name of the file and have to choose from the list of files which is on the right pane in the dialog box.

I tried to find a shortcut including saying the name of the file if it is visible in the right pane but could not find an elegant solution. Finally, I pressed tab multiple times to determine how many times it takes for the focus to more from the file name field to the pane that contains the list of files. Turns out it takes 11 tabs. So you have to say "Tab Eleven" for you to move the focus.

If, on the other hand, you remember the beginning part of the name of the file, you can just dictate …

Practising mindfulness-with a little bit of help from android app

Mindfulness is supposed to reduce chronic pain. In my experience, it has helped me cope better by interrupting the train of catastrophic thinking or at other times, simply a reminder to breathe deeply.

If you search Google play with the keywords timer, periodic timer et cetera, there will be a number of apps but it is difficult to find an app where you can set the period of the timer, customise the tone and also have the ability to create multiple timers.

The only one app that I found after good amount of searching has worked very well so far for almost a year.

The name of the app is Chimer and it can be downloaded here

I have set it for 20 minutes and it will work from 9 AM till 9 PM.