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Temporary anal fistula leaves lasting abdominal and anal fissure pain

I started having pain in the rectum mostly on the left side after accidental straining in the toilet on 22nd August. Prior to that, I was having indigestion in the stomach continuously for several days. Assuming that it was a fissure, I started using the dilitazem ointment along with kusumolin and sitz bath. I continued to walk about 10,000 steps per day. I also started using jatyadi tail by Thursday.
On Friday I went to see a surgeon at Fortis. He said there was induration within the anus and since it was quite painful, he said an ultrasound cannot be done and he would prefer an MRI . He put me on antibiotics and asked me to take an MRI if the pain does not reduce. The pain was down on Saturday but again came up on Sunday and therefore I went to do an MRI on Monday.

The MRI showed a fistula. Then I went to meet surgeon again on Tuesday, August 30. He said that I should prepare for surgery but then I can wait for it because there was no pus formation. On Wednesday I went to meet Ayurvedic surgeon who said that there was pus near the spine and that I should get surgery done immediately. He asked me to get admitted to the hospital on Thursday because of the pus spreads, then it can become fatal. He further said that he is not available on Saturday and Sunday and so if I get admitted on Thursday then he can operate me on Friday

This was very alarming so I asked my to father come immediately. I consulted another Ayurvedic practitioner on Thursday morning and he said that I can wait for surgery.

I could not arrange for the logistics for admission but did go and visit the first ayurvedic practitioner in the hospital on Thursday afternoon.  I booked a room for Tuesday. Meanwhile on further research, I found that there was another faster daycare surgery called video assisted anal fistulectomy. I went to was at that surgeon on Monday, September 5. He said he could not see a fistula. He did detect bogginess in the anal sphincter on the right side and tenderness on the left side In addition he put me on tablet Chymoral  forte stating that either it will open the fistula and he will be able to see it or will remove the infection.

By Thursday I had developed intense abdominal pain on the left side. I went on Saturday and he said the anal sphincter was fine but because I was complaining of pain he asked me to do ultrasound and also meet a neurologist. The ultrasound was all clean except small stones in the kidney. The neurologist said that there is no neuropathic pain and the only thing which you could think of was one rare disease for which he wanted me to do a test

So now I sit with left abdominal pain not able to walk much and wondering what to do. I am using TENS machine and ultrasound and few minutes of massage around the navel where it hurts the most and hoping the pain would go away.

If anyone reads this blog and has got our shared experience or a solution, please leave a message.


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